Botanikertagung 2019
International Plant Science Conference

15–19 September 2019 • Rostock



Online Programm


Symposien auf der Botanikertagung 2019 im Überblick (das detaillierte Programm finden Sie im Online Programm)

Fixing the problem – synthetic biology
Evo-Devo-plant terrestrialisation – evolution, diversity and phylogeny
Foreigners in plants – plant made pharmaceuticals and industrials
Living with poisons and aromas – natural compounds and specialised metabolism
Shaping your life – growth and development
How algae sense their environment – sensing abiotic and biotic signals
Redox matters – redox regulation of plant metabolism
Glyphosate and beyond – challenges in applied plant sciences
Plants, friends and foes – interaction of plants with microbes, symbionts, etc.
New commodities – evolution of specialised metabolism
Get into shape – plant architecture
Catch me if you can – plant/insect interactions
Trends in plant science – brand new topics – miscellaneous
From genes to ecology – diversity and evolution of C4 and CAM photosynthesis
Cellular machineries – cell and organelle biology I
Basic principles of life – plant genetics and epigenetics
Drying without dying – abiotic stress and adaptation
Battle in the field – plant diseases, protection, resistance
Transport machines – cell and organelle biology II
Solar power – photosynthesis and primary metabolism
On the fields – crop plants and new technologies in plant breeding